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GirlsRegistration is open for new families in grades 1-8. 

Registration for kindergarten is closed. You may inquire about the waiting list.

General Admissions

For a Catholic student to be eligible for admission in to the school, the student’s family must be officially registered as parishioners. In addition, the family must be actively involved in the parish. “Actively Involved” shall mean those families who actively participate in the liturgical and other activities or functions of the parish and who also contribute financially and through their services to the activities and life of the parish.

If any family desires to transfer students into the school, administration and the academic facilitator will review the student’s previous academic and behavioral performance as well as the family’s commitment to being actively involved in their previous parish. The pastor’s approval is required.

Admission Policy for Non-Catholics

Any non-Catholic student application for admission will be considered at the discretion of the Pastor and Principal. In determining whether to admit a non-Catholic student to the full time school the criteria set forth below shall be followed:

  • Non-Catholic student enrollment will not exceed 5% of the total actual enrollment for the year of the application, and
  • Non-Catholic enrollment will be subject to class–by-class availability.  Classes that are full may not be available to accommodate non-Catholic admissions.

Because non-Catholic families will not be supporting the school on an Archdiocesan or parish level, their tuition rates will be based on a non-subsidized, per student rate to be determined by the Parish Finance Committee. Multiple student family tuition discounts will not apply to non-Catholic students. (St. Gerard Majella School Board non-Catholic Admission Policy, May 2006, reviewed November 2007)


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