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Volunteering at SGM

Book Fair 2019
What is a school without the wonderful volunteers who give of their time and talent to help the students in so many ways.  How can you help the school?

  • Volunteer to be a mystery reader
  • Volunteer to supervise the library
  • Volunteer to be an OASIS instructor (opportunity for seniors to come back and spend time reading with students who need that extra TLC as they begin to read)
  • Volunteer through APT (Alliance of Parent and Teachers) to be a room parent, help with school parties, be part of the family mentor program, and many other activities that would not happen without the help of the parents.
  • Volunteer to chaperone on field trips

How do you sign up?  First of all, you will need to complete the “Safe Environment--Protecting God’s Children” workshop through the archdiocese. Once that takes place we would encourage you to watch for, complete or attend the following:

  • The teachers will contact the parents in the classroom at the beginning of the year.
  • Attend the May APT Meeting to begin signing up for volunteer opportunities.
  • Complete the APT form included in the August mailing
  • Check the newsletter weekly for volunteering opportunities

We look forward to your help!