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Who Makes Up the SGM Faculty

SGM 5thGrade

  • Men and women who are passionate about their ministry.
  • All members continuously taking advantage of professional development opportunities.
  • All members of the faculty are state-certified.
  • Many hold advanced degrees and multiple certifications.
  • Paul VI Religious Certification held by almost 50% of the faculty.
  • Two teachers have received the Cardinal Burke Award for Teaching Excellence.
  • Four teachers have received the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • 2 Full-time Learning Consultants
  • Full-time Resource teacher (K-5)
  • Full-time specialty teachers in the areas of Art, Computer, Physical Education, and Music
  • Full-time Spanish teacher for Kindergarten through grade 8
  • STREAM Coordinator
  • 8 Preschool Teachers/Aides
  • Full-time Nurse
  • 5 Full-time Aides in the Primary
  • 1 Full-time Aide in Intermediate
  • Part-time Reading Specialist
  • Part-time Librarian
  • Part-time Counselor
  • Part-time CRE
  • 1 Full-time office staff
  • 1 Assistant Principal
  • 1 very dedicated Principal

You take all of the above and what do you get?  Men and women who provide your children with a strong foundation for success! 

2021-2022 St. Gerard Majella Elementary School Staff


Pastor Fr. Michael Grosch 
Principal Ms. Chrisell Guthrie, Ed.S.
Assistant Principal Ms. Lucy Gintz
Secretary Mrs. Terri Buck
Kindergarten A Mrs. Jennifer Young
Kindergarten Aide A Mrs. Christy Schiller
Kindergarten B Miss Julia Missel
Kindergarten Aide B Mrs. Kim Eggert
Grade 1A Miss Madison McArthur
Grade 1B Mrs. Julie Missel
Grade 1 Aides Mrs. Nicole King
  Mrs. Katie Hicks
Grade 2A Mrs. Karen Pollmann
Grade 2B Mrs. Colleen Hogan
Grade 2 Aide Mrs. Keelan Green
Intermediate Aide Mrs. Amy Arnason
Grade 3A Mrs. Carla Peretz
Grade 3B Mrs. Molly James
Grade 4A Mrs. Rebecca Cowart
Grade 4B Mrs. Mary Ryan
Grade 5A Mrs. Julie Krummenacher
Grade 5B Mrs. Julie Degenhart
Grade 6A Mr. Ted Hotfelder
Grade 6B Mrs. Katie Nowak
Grade 7A Mrs. Donna McVey 
Grade 7B Mr. Bob Bellamy
Grade 8A Mrs. Courtney Barrale
Grade 8B Mrs. Claire Snyder
Academic Facilitator Mrs. Katie Neely
Learning Consultant Mrs. Patty Brasher
Full-time Academic Facilitator Mrs. Ann Haskenhoff
Physical Education Mrs. Lydia Novas
Art  Mrs. Suzi Wilson
Computer Mrs. Joanna Imbeault Fisher
Spanish Mrs. Cecilia Villena
STREAM Coordinator Ms. Lisa Zwiesler
Counselor T/TH Mrs. Maureen Luetkemeyer
Nurses Mrs. Laura O'Hallaron 
Mrs. Sherry Reynolds
Music Ms. Bernadette Mooney
Librarian Mrs. Katie Neely
3/4 Preschool Mrs. Kathy Gallagher
3/4 Preschool Aide Mrs. Laurie Tighe
3/4 Preschool Mrs. Jamie Thierauf
3/4 Preschool Aide Mrs. Maureen Heidenry
Pre-kindergarten Mrs. Alice Auer
Pre-kindergarten Aide Mrs. Kari Carmody
Pre-kindergarten Mrs. Andrea Wolf
Pre-kindergarten Aide Mrs. Tracy Matrisotto
After Care Coordinator Mrs. London Klima
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