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Lunch Menu

The students at St. Gerard Majella have the option of bringing their lunch from home or purchasing their lunch through the cafeteria.  The lunch program is contracted with Food Service Associates.  The Wellness Committee of St. Gerard Majella working in conjunction with Food Service Associates oversees the lunch program.  It is the hope of the committee to provide a healthy, nutritional lunch.  An on-sight chef prepares whole grains, fresh vegetables, fresh meat and poultry items every day.  In addition, twice a month the students are provided with the option of take out items from local eateries through the APT Association.

Ala carte items do no change. The lunch menu is posted monthly.

Ala Carte Menu–Grades 3-5

Ala Carte Menu–Grades 6-8

March menu

Special lunches

Letter to parents including prices from Food Service Consultants, Inc.

How to add money to your child's lunch card

Special lunch and breakfast