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Our Curriculum

5th Grade STREAMSt. Gerard Majella is a fully accredited Catholic elementary school for children in grades PreK-8. Basic instruction in the core subjects is enhanced by placing additional emphasis on the processes of learning, creativity and the acquisition of study skills. Our faculty offers added support to students and their families through the CARE Team, a resource for individualized assistance.

Below is an explanation of the academic focus of each level and a summary of Graduation Goals.

We are a Google Apps for Education school. Students grades 2–8 have supervised Google accounts.

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Primary Experience, K-2

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step..."

Growth and Development

Emphasis on growth and development is key in the Primary. In a warm and nurturing environment, all aspects of the student’s first experience with a Catholic educational environment are gently fashioned. Faith grows, skills are strengthened, and friendships are formed. Confidence and trust build as new ideas are presented and reinforced. Group activities lay the foundation for cooperative learning and allow social skills to be strengthened. Classroom instruction integrates teacher-directed activities and learning center experiences with the student’s eagerness to learn. Opportunities are provided for the development of emerging creativity.

Intermediate Experience, 3-5

"I once was taught to read, now I read to learn..."

Study Skills

Study skills are a key component of instruction during the intermediate years. Through a variety of classroom supports and activities, students are introduced to organizational processes and models that help develop independent learning. Multiple instructional approaches are used to help students continue to develop and strengthen their individual learning styles. Students continue a study of the core concepts of the Catholic Faith. Additional emphasis is placed on understanding and living the Gospel message, embracing prayer and worship, and developing a sense of service to others.


Middle School Experience, 6-8

"You gave me roots, you gave me wings..."

Integration of Curriculum

Emphasis is placed on integration of the curriculum during the Middle School years. Students are encouraged to think and given the opportunity to research topics in a way that pulls components of the various disciplines together. Students are challenged to see relationships, problem-solve creatively, and reflect on patterns and themes around them. They are further challenged to give witness to their Catholic Faith and to make decisions based on the Gospel values and social justice principles. As our students journey through the Middle School, questions and doubts gradually give way to understanding and confidence. Our young adults are both eager and well-prepared for their high school adventures.

Graduation Goals

  • To use Gospel values and tenets of the Catholic religion as a basis in making decisions that impact self, faith community, and society

  • To communicate effectively and appropriately in response to the demands of any given situation

  • To utilize the critical thinking strategies of analysis and synthesis in problem solving and application of solutions

  • To show an appreciation of aesthetics through identification of the artistic elements of rhythm, balance, and pattern

  • To discriminate and organize appropriate materials in the research process

  • To identify and use the strengths of individual learning styles

  • To respect and appreciate generational, social, and cultural diversity

  • To readily give service in response to the needs of the community

  • To participate in activities that will benefit physical development