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A Typical Day at SGM Preschool


Our children can arrive as early as 7:25 a.m., they are met outside at the preschool drop off by the preschool staff. Upon entering the gym, they are greeted by the teachers and invited to interact with other preschoolers.

At 8 a.m. the students move to their classroom. We begin each day with Circle Time which includes a prayer, talking about the calendar, a discussion of the weather, and a quick review of the fun they will have that day.

From here the children move into Table Time, teachers work in small groups, focusing on literacy, math, and science. After Table Time, students will have snack and an opportunity for free play in the centers. While in centers, the children continue learning through exploring their theme or inquiry question.

After centers is a great time to head outdoors to play on the playground, while having fun with friends, the children are working on gross motor skills and enjoying the fresh air!

Prior to dismissal, the students come together to discuss the day's work and look talk about tomorrow prior to reading a story and end their day with prayer.