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Our Philosophy

Our program is based on the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of each child.

Spiritual Growth
Children receive the gift of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (a Montessori based preschool faith formation) to nurture a deep love and relationship with God. Children are given opportunities to experience prayer, scripture, altar works, liturgical calendar, baptism, and Jesus as the Good Shepherd.


Intellectual Growth
St. Gerard Majella Preschool is committed to preparing each child for success. This will be done through a Project Construct approach that will invite inquiry, exploration and focus on the 4 C's (creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking). Table Time and centers will lead our learning based on language arts, math, science, dramatic play and the arts, to prepare our students for Kindergarten.


Social Growth
Young children learn through life experiences and their environment how to interact with others by applying respect, responsibility and self-control. Positive reinforcement and gentle guidance encourage Christian behavior.


Emotional Growth
Preschoolers are encouraged to express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. As a child of the Good Shepherd, each develops a positive self-esteem and a sense of security.


Physical Growth
Children are given the opportunity to develop small muscle and large muscle groups through a variety of activities. These opportunities occur in the classroom, gym and outside play areas.